Toyo Ink believes in extended service to all customers, no matter what printing segment they are in.

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Service at the core

The packaging and printing operation is a complex environment, involving numerous variables of which inks and coatings play a major role. Toyo Ink Europe has a long history of providing an unparalleled level of service and support to customers in order to accomplish their targets.

Toyo Ink Europe has a wide network of its own support and service located in 10 countries. Furthermore, the global presence of Toyo Ink Group brings our services even closer to your business location.

We offer the highest level of support especially to food packaging customers

The laboratory is equipped with high end analytical instruments to research and develop the latest generation chemistry. Toyo Ink Europe, being an active member of EuPIA, is dedicated to promote and support the global food packaging convertors for the development of safe packaging with low energy (UV, LED and EB) products.

Toyo Ink Europe provides you with a specially trained team of people to support your business in this area. The team can assist you in the following:

Guidance and support regarding the legal requirements for food packaging.

Selection of inks and coatings which are safe to use for undirect contact food packaging.

Worst case scenario calculation to analyse potential migration risks.

Determining if an actual migration test is required for a specific design.

Conducting a print run to obtain samples for migration testing.

Migration analysis in the highly sophisticated analytical laboratory of Toyo Ink Europe.


Technical services

Toyo Ink Europe regularly invests to upgrade the technical knowledge of the team located in several countries. Not only our service and support personnel, but each representative at Toyo Ink Europe has experience, understanding and background of the printing and packaging industry and its complexities. The service and support team of Toyo Ink Europe have a good knowledge of the latest developments in the printing and packaging industry. These skills enable us to provide full support to clients and their projects, new developments, complex applications, process improvements and technical audits, offering much more than a traditional ink manufacturer.

Toyo Ink Europe has partnered globally with many customers on new developments

Establishment of on-site colour blending facility, remote access spectrophotometric colour matching systems, adapting low migration systems, and consultancy of Ugra certified personnel are a few examples of the high level of service we are offering.