Paper & board



The FD S5 LED ink is at the forefront of ink technology, offering premium performance that's unmatched in the market. It's meticulously crafted to meet and exceed all performance demands of commercial printers. With an optimal ink-water balance, it ensures the highest printing speeds and a very high gloss finish. Additionally, its commitment to sustainability is evident with a 100% deinkability score from INGEDE.

The FD XP LED ink is the embodiment of stability and reliability. It consistently delivers excellent performance on press, complemented by high printing speeds and a high gloss finish. Together, these inks represent the pinnacle of printing solutions, ensuring that commercial printers have the best tools at their disposal.

Suitability of S5 premium LED & FD XP LED
• Printing on paper & board
• Commercial printing
• Compliant with ISO 2846-1 and ISO 12647
• Exellent perfomance on perfecting and straight forward presses

Available colours
• Process colours
• Pantone colours
• Overprint varnishes & coatings

Commercial web


Our LED Offset Ink presents a modern alternative to traditional heatset printing. Designed with sustainability in mind, it's completely free from mineral oil, aligning with eco-conscious printing practices. A testament to its environmentally-friendly formulation is its 100% deinkability score from INGEDE.

But it's not just about sustainability; it's about performance too. This ink delivers unmatched gloss, especially on low-weight commercial papers, making your prints stand out. Furthermore, it's optimized for high-speed printing, ensuring stability throughout the process.

Low migration

LED LM Offset Inks

Toyo Ink Europe offers LED low migration offset inks suitable for Food Packaging and label applications

• Low odour and migration
• High curing speed
• Good performance on paper and board for food packaging.
• Overprint varnish recommended
• Used on sheetfed and wide web offset
• Well established formulation passed multiple migration tests

Suitability of LED Low Migration Offset ink
• Paper & board for food packaging
• Low migration
• Conform to Swiss Ordinance
• In mould label printing

Available colours
• Process colours
• Pantone colours
• Light resistant colours
• Thermoresistant colours