Toyo Ink Europe reduces the impact of its day-to-day activities on the environment

We favour the use of renewable materials and the development of environmentally friendly packaging whilst continuing to meet our customer expectations and consumer preferences.

We are modifying our own behaviour to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing waste, cutting out unnecessary travel, saving water and energy.

We are ensuring unavoidable waste is reused, recycled or disposed of in a responsible way.

We are taking all necessary actions to prevent violations of our Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy, reporting all spills or unusual emissions to the air, soil or water to our local health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator.

Environmental impact of UV inks and varnish

Toyo Ink Europe is a leading manufacturer of low energy curing inks and varnishes which are driving a positive environmental change in the printing industry.

Our inks and varnishes are free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and are cured using UV or LED light. We are maximizing the use of renewable or recycled source materials wherever possible and reasonable. All our inks and varnishes are made from non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and non-reprotoxic raw materials.

Low energy inks and varnishes also consume less energy in the printing process, eliminating the need for traditional drying systems.

Due to the fact that these inks and varnishes do not dry unless put under UV-light, they are 100% reusable when wet and thus require less cleaning cycles (less VOC’s and creation of waste).

Toyo Ink Europe invests in renewable raw materials as much as possible in the formulation of its low energy inks and varnishes.

The specially developed low energy inks and varnishes of Toyo Ink Europe also show very good de-inking characteristics, which is important for recycling.

Toyo Ink Europe is committed to develop, continuously improve, produce printing inks and varnishes with the lowest ecological impact for present and future generations.

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