Toyo Ink,

for a vibrant world

Toyo Ink Europe, the Belgium based company of Toyo Ink Group, produces innovative printing inks for packaging, labels, and commercial printing, specializing in UV, LED, and EB technologies.

Driving a positive environmental change in the printing industry

Toyo Ink Europe maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials wherever possible and reasonable. All our low energy inks and varnishes are made from non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and non-reprotoxic raw materials, which are in line with all the relevant regulations and standards.

Toyo Ink takes the lead of offering a complete solution for safe food packaging


Knowledge & advice, available to our customers

Many years of servicing the European food packaging industry has given Toyo Ink Europe members tremendous knowledge to not only offer the correct low migration chemistry for food related products, but also advice on the whole system available to customers.

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We are part of Toyo Ink Group

While the group remains true to its printing roots, it has evolved to become a global specialty chemicals company that delivers value-added solutions such as colorants, polymers and coatings, packaging and printing materials, to a broad range of industrial markets.

It is among the world’s largest ink companies with a global reach which extends to 24 countries with almost 8000 employees and 61 subsidiaries.