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You made us proud in Drupa 2016

It’s almost a month since the close of Drupa 2016 and we are still counting. Your overwhelming response to our stand, keen interest in our new technologies and products, and trust in Toyo’s quality and services are keeping us busy to respond to the tasks you have given us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your valuable support in making our participation in Drupa 2016 a tremendous success.

Our launch of EB offset product line STERABEAM and Toyo group’s break through innovation of EB Curable real wet on wet flexo ink system ELEX-One FL for food safe flexible and carton packaging have been at the pinnacle of interests from the visitors.

Toyo Ink Arets displayed and explained the new generation of UV Curable products for Low Migration and Food Packaging by wet offset with STERAPLAST Food.

Also, Toyo Ink Group, partnered with world famous EB equipment manufacturer Energy Science Inc and globally reknowned EB Flexo press manufacturer UTECO to organize a seminar for three days during Drupa. The seminar presented the outlook of EB curing potential for the packaging industry and concluding views of a brand owner were presented by Nestlé in this seminar. The live exchanges and interactions of the speakers, current EB users, industry experts on regulations for food packaging and the potential power of EB curing as a technology made the show exciting and laid a path for the future development.

Go Green

TOYO INK ARETS is a leading manufacturer of UV-curing inks and varnishes which are driving a positive environmental change in the Printing Industry.

Our UV inks and varnishes are free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and are cured using Ultra Violet light. TOYO INK ARETS maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials wherever possible and reasonable. All our UV inks and varnishes are made from non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and non-reproductive toxic raw materials, which are safe in all probable end-of-life scenarios.

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